no KeyPress for Visualizer? (revised)

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no KeyPress for Visualizer? (revised)

Post by Mic » Fri Nov 04, 2011 9:05 pm

ah - have to click on Visualizer to make it top window - now works ..... but

<KeyPress Keys="A">
debugReset = debugReset + 1;]]>

debugReset increments by 3 or 4 for every keypress because OnUpdate runs multiple times while I am trying to press key as quickly as possible :-) .... how do you get around this? Thanks

..... OK :-)


A delay in seconds for which a keypress is repeated.

.... saw this but was not sure what it meant ..... set it to 2 secs and everything wonderful!

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Post by Kjell » Fri Nov 04, 2011 9:33 pm

Hi mic,

Keyboard input works just fine ( apart from the arrow keys and a couple others ) .. just like mouse, joystick and MIDI input.
Mic wrote:Presuming the Visualizer code is locked, right? I cannot add e.g. an entry field etc.
Unfortunately not no. Would have been great if you could add bool / text / bitmap etc. fields to a preset .. instead of floats only.
Mic wrote:Does it make any sense if KeyPress does not work, to type instructions into a file and have ZGE read that file at intervals and parse the instructions?
Sure, you can read / write files from a preset if you want ;)


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