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[SOLVED] Minimal option dialog

Posted: Wed Mar 12, 2008 12:17 pm
by VilleK
The ZGE runtime could use a dialog box for setting video options (resolution and fullscreen/windowed setting). This dialog box would appear at start-up before the graphics surface is created if a App.ShowVideoSettingsDialog property is set or a command line switch is provided.

The challenge is to implement this dialogbox (using win32 api) in minimal runtime size, preferably less than 1kb compressed.

Here are some links on the topic I've looked up so far: ... 12577.aspx ... S.85).aspx

Contribute by posting info and code-examples in this topic, thanks.

EDIT: This feature implemented in release 1.7.9. Thanks to JPH Wacheski, Peter Söderman and Martti Juhana Nurmikari for helping!