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Re: Project Tree improvements

Posted: Wed Jul 19, 2017 8:41 am
by rrTea
In the image, the set ZGE nodes in Project Tree (OnLoaded, States, OnUpdate, OnBeginRenderPass, OnRender, OnClose, Lights, Content) are white, the rest is on a slightly darker background. This should be helpful when working on parts of a project that are connected but in different parts of a Project Tree (so it's practical to keep both open).

As is, switching between various parts of the Project Tree always requires a bit of scanning and "Where is that..." since due to its nature, Project Tree constantly changes depending on current task (and of course closing, adding, deleting Groups, components etc) so it's impossible to rely on memory and find something without a bit of scanning - this division should facilitate this because the main nodes can be distinguished from the rest without any reading.

I think Game Maker (haven't used it myself) used to have the default categories in bold, so I guess they were trying to achieve something similar (looked a bit crude to me but still, good thinking) (the new version has a different design).