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SetModelState = aware of context

Posted: Sun Jul 19, 2015 2:37 am
by rrTea
When using a SetModelState component and selecting a particular state from the dropdown menu, it shows every possible state that exists in the whole project.

This is impractical since chances are that the component will be used for switching the states of the model it is residing in most of the time (at least in my projects and just about everything else I ever saw in other's projects). I'd like to avoid scrolling through a potentially long list of entries in a tiny dropdown menu sorted by ABC logic.

It'd be helpful if the ModelState were a bit smarter and sorted out the states of the current model, maybe by putting the states of the current model on top of the list with a "CurrentModel" prefix, or something like that? That'd make it easier to sift through and also minimize the risk of selecting a similarly named but unrelated state.