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Creating Web Games ? HTML5 & 3D webgl ?

Posted: Wed Jan 23, 2013 6:08 pm
by prinsukun
I think this a big request feature, but is worth for ZGE, i see ZGE is an excellent tool for rapid game developments, and with the massive optimization and other cool features, any plan to support HTML5 web games ? this in fact would rival unity3D I'm not joking, just playing around with it, seem a great tool for web games, i hope this would be considered in the future, if this features costly, i don't mind for VileK to open a donation, me wouldn't mind to donate it, i just fill inlove with ZGE and love this feature to be implemented.

also their already toolss started to support HTML5 3D games, like PlayCanvas :
i heard Unity3D, will support HTML5 too but not sure i don't use it, but i'm sure yoyogames too are planned to support 3D for HTML5 via webgl soon, but overall i see ZGE is Worth to support that as well :wink: