vlc at the same time as Z game editor system crash

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vlc at the same time as Z game editor system crash

Postby jinxtengu » Fri Sep 16, 2016 2:13 am

I often listen to music while using software such as Z game editor. I've noticed that running vlc media player at the same time as using Z game editor, crashes my pc pretty consistently. This isn't a big problem, as it only occurs while vlc is running and Z game editor is quite stable otherwise, I just thought that Ville and the other developers might like to know of this issue if they aren't already aware of it.
Some additional information: I'm still using version 1.9.9 of Z game editor and my pc runs windows xp, so this may have been fixed already. Also sometimes when Vlc is running and causes the crash, it results in a blue screen of death followed by a system reboot, other times the system freezes and I have to manually re-start the pc.
The crash occurs while testing Z games and also while running the editor, but only if vlc is running in the background.
I'm thinking it's probably some kind of draw conflict.

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