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Evaluate expression

Post by VilleK » Tue Mar 05, 2019 2:20 pm

Added a new feature: a editbox for evaluate expression. It is located at the bottom right corner, just below the log.

This is a useful debugging and productivity tool.

You can type any expression that is valid in the currently loaded application.

Enter will evaluate expression. Pressing Up and Down will circle to expression history.

Download here: http://www.zgameeditor.org/files/ZGameEditor_beta.zip


Code: Select all

1   //will display 1

2*2  //will display 4

strToInt("1")  //built-in functions can be called

"value is " + intToStr(42)  //string results are ok too

MyScore=1000  //Assignments are ok too

@RefreshContent(Component : MyBitmap)  //this syntax is ok too

InitGameLevel(4)   //nice to be able to call user-defined functions during preview
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