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Post by Kjell »


Although I've only been using ZGameEditor for a mere couple of hours now and should probably refrain from trying to contribute any "constructive" feedback, I do think it would be a good idea to have a Wiki where users can post feature requests in a orderly fashion instead of on the forum.

*Perhaps there could be a indicator of a feature ( pending / implemented / rejected ) and this could be a place to collect explanations / comments / tutorials regarding already listed features or requests.

Until then, a short list of features I either missed or you can consider requested for a future release.

- ScreenWidth :integer
- ScreenHeight :integer

- Projection type ( Perspective || Orthographic ) :boolean?
- Aspect ratio :float
- Clipping near :float
- Clipping far :float

- Field of view / Focal length :float

- Zoom :float

- MouseMode ( windowed or not ) :boolean
- MouseHide :boolean
- MouseDisplacement :vector2d?

- Pi :constant

Joystick support would be welcomed warmly as well.

Kind Regards,


1st Edit: added *
2nd Edit: added ZExpression > Pi
3rd Edit: added Edit list :)
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Post by VilleK »

Hi Kjell,

Thanks for your suggestions.

An open Wiki for changes is probably a good idea to keep things more organized, so far it has been possible to manage things on the forum but if post count increases I will move it to the wiki.

Camera settings: I've been meaning to add this for some time so it should definitely be in a future version.

About orto-view and screenwidth/height settings I assume this would be useful for strict 2d-graphic games. Or do you have another use in mind?

Mousedisplacement: you mean difference in movement since last update?

MouseMode: is this for allowing the mouse cursor to leave the window?
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Post by Kjell »

Hej Villek,

Good to hear that you're positive towards the idea of a Open Wiki.

Orthographic: Side-scrolling 2D, real-time top-down maps, isometric views, industrial presentations .. there are quite some applications for this, although i agree that it's not top priority.

ScreenWidth & ScreenHeight: As a replacement to ScreenMode. Shouldn't it be up to the user to decide with what resolution they want to go with ( 320x240, 1280x720, 330x410 or anything else )?

MouseMode: Whether the -1 / 1 spectrum of MousePosition values is relative to the window extends or the full screen resolution. Only results in different values when not running the app in full-screen obviously. Low priority though.

MouseDisplacement: Indeed, the amount that Mouse X / Y has been displaced since the last frame. However, this value cannot be deferred from caching the MousePosition values. For example: MousePosition.X = -1 currently and in the last frame, but MouseDisplacement.X could still be -0.1.

Kind Regards,
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