Interesting Delphi codes!

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Interesting Delphi codes!

Post by kattle87 » Sat Jul 05, 2008 4:59 pm

I stumbled upon this:

It's GOOD xD

This is quite old code but there are plenty of usefull things:
-A pico script interpreter/compiler (might be too much big)
-A library of 89 bitmap functions <- this is gonna be useful 8)
-TjanSAL, that might be a replacement for current scripting engine I think. Based on stack and with a postfix notation (It seems to me that also the current script engine makes use of stack, correct me if I'm wrong!)
-TjanScript another scripting implemented in Delphi but I don't know if this is too much big (source is 65 kb, but it surely could be cleaned up because it makes use of lots of components unneeded in games :)). Also this is stack based and makes use of postfix notation but if you have an expression parser this should not be a problem.

Give it a look!!!!!

Bye bye!
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Post by jph_wacheski » Sat Jul 05, 2008 9:09 pm

wow some cool stuff there,. not sure what can be used,. but;
TjanReplace is a smart find and replace component that can be used with any text editor. Features: pattern find and replace; up to 32 replacement parameters. Help file includes sample code for use with TmwCustomEdit.
It would be nice to have a find and replace in the expresion editor,.

janFX is a library of 89 bitmap transformation routines like: rotate; smooth resize; filters; make seamless; buttonize; color, focus and light effects; fisheye and twist distortions; alpha blending; plasma and many more.
It would also be great to see more built in drawing functions,. although most things can likely be acheaved with good expresion writing in the current engine,. more desingers would be interested in ZGE if they where not required to write their own functions for things like blur and make seamless, etc..,

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