Scripting: built-in functions

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Scripting: built-in functions

Post by VilleK » Fri Apr 10, 2009 3:55 pm

As you all know the scripting is the weakest part of ZGE so it's definitely time to address that with some additional features.

Scripting is also the hardest part to work on. That's the reason I don't go there very often, because it needs more time and focus than other features. While other parts of ZGE are fun to work on, scripting feels like "real work" and it's not something I'm always motivated to do especially after also having a day-job involving programming. But I also work with ZGE to learn new stuff and it's a very rewarding feeling when I actually do manage new scripting features (such as for-loops and local variables recently).

That's just some background so that you understand the situation how I choose to work on ZGE. For instance I consider scripting to be higher priority than the bitmap-graph editor, but the timing for the editor felt right because the pieces of the puzzle were in front of me so I had to work on that first :)

Here is what I consider to be the current primary goal:

Built-in function library featuring...

- Functions to iterate and manipulate model instances.

- Functions that do stuff currently only possible with components, such as RemoveModel, SpawnModel, PlaySound etc.

This requires work on the type system. Remember until recently ZGE only knew about a single type: float. Then we added a basic type system with integer and byte types. This must be extended to handle object references such as "Model" so that functions can return model-instances. That is quite a big task and I will not work exclusively on this since other ongoing items like textures still need more work.

Anyway I'm creating this thread just to get started on something. Let's keep a discussion on what features we need!

Oh, and happy easter everyone ;)

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sounds great !

Post by jph_wacheski » Fri Apr 10, 2009 7:12 pm

Sounds excelent to this guy,. and I know, I tend to bitch some times about how the world is a cruel place, and how I can't address my instances with out building my own arrays to store and sort them,. and what ever else,. but really I am still madly amazed at how powerfull this tinny little freeware opensource 3d game engine/digital art creation tool, the almighty ZGE, trully is! So never feel rushed or pushed in any direction on my account (although I may be pushy! ;) just my nature really) as we are all just happy to know you, and your very fine works!

I will as always try my best to help you in any way I am able.

And yes indeedy,. a very Happy Spring and Equinox to you all!

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