Autosave / backups

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Autosave / backups

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I'd find it very convenient if ZGE had an automatic backup save system, nothing spectacular but just something along the lines of setting an autosave timer and backup directory. Or if a timer is a bad idea, maybe just an option of making an alternative backup copy (maybe with added timestamp in the filename) somewhere every time the project is saved, whatever really.

In my case it'd be useful because I keep my ZGE files on a USB drive (so I can work on my project both at home and other private places) and so far this worked great - but in my experience USB drives are slightly less "permanent" than HDs (easier to get stolen, lost, damaged, used up, "expire" / malfunction, etc), so what I usually do is I also make a backup copy to my HD after each session... And I bet if I ever skip the last step once in 100 times my USB drive will fail the same moment :D

Edit: just to clarify, I do have and use various online "cloud" backuping services but sometimes I use computers that aren't online, for example I don't have an internet connection at home.
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