Error proof component preview

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Error proof component preview

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Now, when previewing a component which throws exception, it is impossible to normally continue working with ZGE project. The error modal dialog is opened again and again. Even after reopening the project, the last selected component is shown and the exception dialog starts to open again. The only chance is to try to close the modal error dialog and to click on another component in a very short time until next error dialog occurs. This is very strange and tricky.

This situation usually happens when component rendering relies on the previous initialization which usually happens in application runtime. I usually have this problem if rendering is achieved by external library or by direct calls of OpenGL (VBO computed previously in runitme). See, for example, rendering of skeletal animations by external library discussed in this topic.

The solution would be quite simple: not to show a model error dialog, but instead to show the error message directly to the preview panel. Not modal. Would it be possible?

Another related improvement is that other run-time exceptions appeared in modal dialogs should have the button "Stop" to stop the previewed application immediately.
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