This is the homepage of Ville Krumlinde.

I've been writing code since the early 1980:s using computers such as ZX-81, ZX-Spectrum, Atari ST, PC and the Vectrex console. Since 1987 I've been working as an IT-consultant developing business applications for Windows.

Here I host the various hobby projects I make from time to time, mostly related to graphics programming and retro video game development.

My largest project so far is a minimal game engine using procedural content with Borland Delphi.
This project is released here www.zgameeditor.org!

I'm part of an independent game developer team: www.lofiminds.com

My own consultant company is called Emix System AB.

I live in Stockholm, Sweden.

You can contact me at:

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Places on the web that I regulary visit include:
:: The Llamasoft forum
:: The Swedish game developer forum Gamedev.se


:: The excellent photographs by Gnapp (Conny)