A small side scrolling shooter demo.

This was meant as an entry to the The Horizontal Shooter with
BOSS Competition", but I got a fever and had to stay in bed for two weeks so I missed the deadline.

It is just a minimal game with two different enemies and one boss. I had many features planned that didn't make it, and it lacks all kinds of polish, but I figure I just release it now since the deadline is long gone anyway.

The game content (bitmaps, geometry and sound) is procedurally generated so the binary can be very small. I have used my own tools and engine for development. It took about ten days to make.


Mouse - Move
'A' - Fire
'W' - Rotate up
'S' - Rotate down


No setup procedure needed. Just put the TripleE-folder anywhere you like.
To start the game: double-click the TripleE.exe file.


Delete the TripleE-folder to uninstall. The game does not save any settings or ini-files.

System requirements:

Very low. Should work on any Win32 system with OpenGL 1.4 compatible card.

Command line options

-f Fullscreen
-s Silent (disable sound). Try this if game doesn't run smooth.

For instance "triple.exe -f -s" to start the game in fullscreen and no sound. Default is run in window with 800x600 resolution.

Source code

Triple-E is made with ZGameEditor and the source is included as a sample application in the ZGameEditor distribution.

:: ZGameEditor homepage.


:: Download Triple-E game (42 kb)
2006-09-08: Version 0.04:
- fps-counter added
- control not lost when mouse outside window
- improved support for free vsync
- some graphics and sound updated, first enemy now looks more procedural
2006-08-03: Updated! Now with 100% real time generated stereo sound.